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Fiscal Constraint and Accountability.

  1. Continue with the spending, volatility, appropriations and bond caps enacted by a bipartisan legislature during the 2017 budget session.

  2. The Governor needs to declare a Fiscal State of Emergency and hire independent forensic auditors and financial experts to review the states finances in total and devise a plan to resolve our deficit and offer solutions to the pension liability issue.  It is imperative for the future fiscal health of our state and for the solvency of the pension program.

  3. Oppose any new spending.  If new spending is proposed, then it must be identified where a cut can be made to offset it.
  4. Reduce the size and scope of state government.  Reduce employees through attrition and realignment.  Realign benefits in pace with municipal employees and the private sector.  Eliminate any commissions, agencies, or departments that are non-essential and inefficient.

  5. The General Assembly is supposed to be a part-time endeavor and it should remain that way.  Those who make the CGA their full-time job need to stop flooding the legislative calendar with bills that do not address the problems facing our state. As Colin Powell would say, stop being “busy bastards”.*

  6. No tolls. Ever. 

  7. No increase in or expansion of taxes.

I believe that limited government is best and that people have a personal responsibility to care for themselves, their families, neighbors and communities and have the means to do so.  The farther away your tax dollars goes from your local communities, the less control you have over it.

“ON BUSY BASTARDS: A busy bastard can’t stop finding things to do. He never rests and as a result, his staff never rests. He’s always making work that expands to fill whatever time is available. The point I make in my book is: Be busy, work hard, but don’t become so busy that you cut out other things in life, like family and recreation and hobbies. And never be so busy that you’re not giving your staff and your followers enough time to do the same thing.”

― Colin Powell, It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership

Paid for by Elect Hopperstad 2020, Linda J. Shapiro, Treasurer.  Approved by Cathy Hopperstad.
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